At Texas Firehouse Coffee we take great pride in offering 100% Arabica coffee from Central and South America. We guarantee a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee that


has a bitter aftertaste!

Why Choose Us?

Our guiding principles:

1. All TFC products must be outstanding in quality and value

2. We must be proud of our products - only the best will qualify

3. Business is about relationships - Honor, Service, Valor and Commitment

               Our Motto: “Committed to Excellence – Delivered with Pride"


      We guaranty our products will exceed your expectations.

If for any reason you are not satisfied please contact us immediately via email (texasfirehousecoffee@gmail.com) and we will refund or replace your purchase.

About Us

Honoring America's Bravest!

We Proudly Support the Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force

Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by!

We are Jim & Angie Leahey,owners of Texas Firehouse Coffee (TFC). If you have a moment and a fresh cup of coffee we would like to introduce you to TFC and share a little about who we are.

Before we get to the coffee and the firefighting, I would like to introduce my wife of over 35 years,Angie. As in life and firefighting, the crew is only as good as its members and I am blessed to have partnered with the FINEST! Over the years Angie has endured the stressors of my public safety career, tolerated security contracting in Iraq, weathered the storms associated with small business endeavors and tolerated her fair share of fishing boat projects. All with a smile and a voice of enthusiasm. Angie is an accomplished restaurateur and customer service expert, who possess all the elements of a true professional.

Angie led a team of bakers an dbaristas through the life-cycle of a coffee shop in downtown Corpus Christi,Texas. Hand in hand with her father (my fishing partner) recipes were developed, beans were roasted and memories were made as they shaped the downtown coffee scene. A unique café known for its fabulous scones and fresh roasted coffee!

As for me, the day I turned 18 I walked into a fire station and immediately new, I was hooked. After spending some time in the US Army, I pursued my firefighting passion and embarked on a journey that included hot shot teams, aircraft rescue, structure firefighting,hazmat response and tactical paramedicine. Although challenging, my career has been exciting and culminated in achieving the rank of Fire Chief. A position that allowed me the honor of leading brave young Firefighters along a portion of their journey, a time I will never forget.

So, after several successful careers we decided to retire. Well, it didn’t take long and we were looking for new challenges. We looked at several part-time jobs….nothing there, thoughtabout going back to work in our previous career fields…ben there done that,start another small business??? As we pondered potential endeavors, we kept coming back to coffee. It seemed obvious after Angie’s restaurant and coffee shop experience and my time spent at the firehouse drinking coffee could evolve into something special! So, we packed up the motorhome, loaded up the dogs and headed out to find a coffee roaster with the perfect cup of coffee. Well it didn't take long and we formed a partnership with a truly talented coffee roaster with a knack for blending just the right combination of beans and roasting them to perfection.

So our journey begins! We look forward to meeting new customers and sharing experiences over a fresh roasted cup of coffee or a fresh brewed cup of tea. Please stop by our booth at your local art show or fair and shoot us an email with your comments, we’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy, Jim & Angie